Corporate Events, Baby & Bridal Showers

 Corporate Events, Sweet Sixteen’s

Baby & Bridal Showers


We are a night club on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9pm to 3am.

We rent out the club for events all days & times outside these hours.



$300 per hour plus tax and gratuity which includes 3 staff members

(1 manager, 1 bar back & 1 bartender)

Each additional staff member is at a rate of $25 per person per hour.

 Parties Between                                                                                                             Additional per hour

51 – 75                 people require 4 staff members (1 manager,1 bar back & 2 bartender)                   $25

75 – 125               people require 5 staff members (1 manager,1 bar back & 3 bartenders)                 $50

125 – 175             people require 6 staff members (1 manager,1 bar back, 3 bartenders & door)       $75

175 – 225             people require 7 staff members (1 manager,1 bar back, 3 bartenders & 2 door)   $100

225 – 275            people require 8 staff members (1 manager,2 bar back, 3 bartenders & 2 door)    $125


  • If security is required there will be an additional $25 per security per person per hour. It is at our discretion to determine if security is required and we will initiate this discussion with client.


Minimum number of hours to rent the space for an event is 3 hours.

  Included in the 3 hour rental is additional 1 hour for set up & 1 hour for break down.

Total number of hours for a minimum rental is 5 hours (hourly rate is applied to 3 hour duration)

$900 plus tax and gratuity

Client is responsible for decoration set up.  Staff will set up tables for food



Sound system (2 cdj 1000, 3 technics turn tables, 2 mixers with serato)

Video System

(cable, dvd, apple tv, & pc on 12 HD tvs)


Up to 8 chaffing dishes & serving utensils

Black table cloths & skirting for chaffing dish table

Bowls for chips and dip



Cash bar or you can run a tab.

Prices are as follows:

Beer Domestic $6             Import $7

Well Liquor $8                    Call Liquor $9                      Premium $10+

Signature drinks available upon request

soda, Juice & bottle water $3

juice boxes & capri suns available for kid’s parties upon request



Outside food is permitted and should be delivered ½ before start of event

You are responsible for sternos to keep food warm, plates, forks & napkins

Please note tax and gratuity is added to total bill


To set up a reservation, please contact Joseph Branco at
or call 201.832.2266
  room 84 room 84  room 84

Party Deposits